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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Design Journeys through Complex Systems – Practise Tools for Systemic Design

By Peter Jones & Kristel Van Ael

Design Journeys through Complex Systems collects years of experience, over a decade of theory, and leading thinking practices to deliver a map for change-makers that helps them embrace the power of systemic design. By employing the methodology in this book, which draws upon the authors’ Systemic Design Toolkit, you’ll be able to simplify complex ideas through the power of visualization.

The strategies, theories, and useful illustrations that fill this book allow anyone - no matter if you’re a design professional or are completely new to systemic design - to conceptualize problems with visual sensemaking, making them more accessible and digestible. The book acts as a set of detailed collaborative practice tools and systems that will radically transform how you, your team, and those around you tackle problems.

More than just a structured sequence of methods, Design Journeys through Complex Systems is a grammar that allows thought leaders to construct new ways of conveying complex issues, leading to collaborative breakthroughs.

About the Authors

Dr. Peter Jones is the founder of the Systemic Design Association and host of its annual Relating Systems Thinking and Design conference. Specializing in design methods, sysmetrics, and futures for platforms, media systems, and services, Dr. Jones has published extensively on systemic design and has forged a name for himself in this industry. 

Kristel Van Ael, winner of the 2017 Henry Van De Velde Lifetime Achievement Award, is the lead author of the service design toolkit and systemic design toolkit. Her methodology has provided an ingenious pathway of blending human centered design with systems thinking. Kristel is currently lecturing in systemic design and product-service-system design at Antwerp University. 

This book is the culmination of their advanced understanding of systemic design, drawing upon years of experience in both academic and professional environments.

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