We need systemic design


Unprecedented challenges are transforming the scale and complexity of problems.

social inequality

adaptive organisations

We are in the midst of a fundamental shift where the conventional ways of problem solving don’t work anymore.

growth of megacities

Systemic Design Toolkit will help you

Understand why the challenge is hard to tackle

Build shared understanding on the structure and interactions in the system, the factors influencing the issue, the most promising areas for intervention.

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Explore interventions to start the transformation

Identify the interventions driving the systemic shift. Co-design the mix of measures and artifacts that will leverage the process of change.

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Define and implement your transition plan

Plan the implementation and scaling up of your interventions in the short and long term.

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The Toolkit brings you

Tools and methods for participatory sessions

A library of workshop templates to guide you throughout the phases of understanding the system, exploring interventions and defining the solution mix.

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Expertise in designing for complexity

Advice and supervision from professional designers, to transfer know-how and direct the process of change together.

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Opportunities for collaborative knowledge building

An evolving knowledge base in continuous improvement, open to worldwide contributions.

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Discover the methodology

Seven steps to tackle complex issues
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Systemic Design Toolkit

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