Seven steps to tackle complex issues.
This is our methodology.

Framing the system

Setting the boundaries of your system in space and time and identifying the hypothetical parts and relationships.

Listening to
the system

Listening to the experiences of people and discovering how the interactions lead to the system’s behaviour. Verifying the initial hypotheses.

the system

Seeing how the variables and interactions influence the dynamics and emergent behaviour. Identifying the leverage points to work with.

Defining the
desired future

Helping the stakeholders articulate the common desired future and the intended value creation.

Exploring the possibility space

Exploring the most effective design interventions with potential for system change. Defining variations for implementation in different contexts.

Planning the
change process

Defining and planning how your organisation and eco-system should (re-)organise to deliver the intended value.

Fostering the transition

Defining how the interventions will mature, grow and finally be adopted in the system.

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